HIgh Gusts, Torrential Rain, Earth Quakes, Eternal Darkness Predicted for Tonight’s Hogback Darkside!

It's HERE, and on BLACK FRIDAY!  Tonight at 6:00PM at the Nature Center.  12 HOURS of Mayhem, Endless Suffering, and Regret.  Come join the Madness of the the HOGBACK 12 HOUR: ENTER THE DARKSIDE.  Come learn how you will feel as you stumble up the infamous Hogback trail on the fourth loop of the HURT…

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The Unofficial 12 Hours of Hogback; Enter the DarkSide

Another in the Madness Series…..   Time: 6:00PM Friday November 26th to 6:00AM  Saturday November 27 Place:  Hogback (of course!)  Nature Center Picnic Table.  The Route:  Inner loops (Hogback, Cross-over, Center)  repeated. Bring your own stuff, though there will be some refreshments there.  This is a great test of stamina and fortitude over that bit…


The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (250km/155miles) by Heather Howells

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 2010 My adventure began on the 12th October 2010 with an extreme travelthon from Hawaii to South Africa, eventually arriving in Johannesburg 36 hours later. It was at the hotel in Johannesburg that I met Chanleigh and it turned out that her and I were joined at the hip for…