The Maui Charm


There are some people running the road to the top of the Haleakala mid-March in memory of a race that used to be held before the Feds got all pucker lipped sour and decided they couldn’t stand organized fun.  Some other people have been thinking it would be a good idea to do something else on Maui about that time too.  Since some other people ran around Maui last year that was kind of ruled out as the  neat thing for this year.  Somebody mentioned fast packing up the backside of the Haleakala, starting from the bottom of the Kaupau gap.  That sounded kind of cool.  Some other people realized that there is yet  another way up that hill too.   

All in all it seemed  an interesting venture to attempt.  Hence was born the Maui Charm. Three summits of the Haleakala, on three consecutive days, along three separate routes. A true test of the old saying ‘Three's a Charm.’ 

As always this kind of insanity is unsponsored, unsupported, and unwise.  It is not for the average HURT kind of runner.   BUT it may attract a few people.  A half dozen dedicated souls seeking to find some sort of fulfillment in endless hours of physical stress, mindless pain, and psychotic levels of depravation would be optimal.   

If you are interested in some real ‘March Madness’ and not just couch potato gut stuffing stupidity you are invited to contact me to discuss this jaunt further.  Also we have a couple of places still open for the February Round Kauai trek.  Mm