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Looking into the Future: HURT Training Kick-off 11/5-11/8

The Peacock 54, in three weeks, marks the end of the Trail Series and the beginning of HURT training. The period after Peacocks is is often a time when the few courageous recover from the 54 and mull over their training schedules for the next couple of months. It is also that time when those…

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2005 HURT Trail Series: Top of Tantalus by Rex Vlcek

The 2005 HURT Trail Series got off to a great start on Saturday, April 16, with the Top of Tantalus 7 mile run. The lookout at Pu`u `Ualaka`a State Park set the stage for the 53 eager participants as the sweeping, panoramic view featured a sunrise over Diamond Head crater, a blue Pacific Ocean with…