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Miwok 100 Results

The trails around Oahu were a little quieter this past weekend as several H.U.R.T. regulars were on separate but similar "stealth" missions to the Miwok 100K, just North of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

This race gets lots of attention as it is a qualifier for the following year’s (2006) Western States 100, if finished under 15 hours.

Here is how the H.U.R.T. regulars did

  • Jeff Huff    11:39.40
  • Cheryl Loomis    14:25.57
  • Patricia Carroll    14:33.33
  • Mike Garcia    14:33.33

There were several other H.U.R.T. friends and past H.U.R.T. 100 participants including:

  • James Kerby    9.00.42  (Wow! James paced the 2005 H.U.R.T 100 winner)
  • Justin Snow    10:33.23
  • Luis Escobar    11:33.36
  • Catra Corbett    13:49.24
  • Leon Draxler    14:25.57

There were 249 starters and a finishing percentage of 89.2%.

Congratulations to all these runners!

Hopefully we can get at least one of the participants to post a race report. (???)

I know it was an "all business" trip for a least one participant. We ran into Cheryl’s husband, Gil, at Safeway yesterday afternoon and Cheryl was already back home in Kailua.

Not sure when the other "stealth" runners were returning.

Hey, the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful day we had running around Kaena Point.