Tantalizing Tantalus

July 27, SOLD OUT

Maunawili Out and Back – SOLO

August 17, Registration: 7/13 to 8/14

Maunawili Out and Back – RELAY

August 17, Registration: 7/13 to 8/14

Tantalus Triple Trek

September 7, Registration: 7/27 to 9/4

Peacock Challenge – 27.5

October 12, Registration: 8/10 to 10/9

Peacock Challenge – 55

October 12, Registration: 8/10 to 10/9

Bellows Rucksack & Trail Race

August 3, Registration: 6/22 to 8/1
Hosted by Marine Corps Community Services

Important information about the 2024 HURT Trail Series:

  • There are 10 races in the 2024 HURT Trail Series, each with its own special terrain, challenges, giveaways and fun! All together, you get to know O’ahu’s unique landscape.
  • Trail Series race registrations are handled through hurthawaii.com. In order to register for a race, you will need to create an account.
  • Registration for each event will begin between three and four weeks prior to the race.
  • Each race falls on a Saturday.
  • There is no waitlist for sold-out races.
  • There is no race day registration.
  • There is no packet pick-up; bibs are provided at check-in on race morning.
  • Transfer of registration is not allowed.
  • There are no refunds.

New for the 2024 HURT Trail Series:

  • We are proud to announce that all races will be cupless. Help us cut back on trash by bringing your own reuseable cup for finish-line beverages. For longer races with aid stations, you’ll need to carry a collapsible cup to use at the aid stations.
  • HURT Trailblazer” contest
    • We’re excited that the 2024 Trailblazer contest will begin with the first race of the series on March 23, 2024. This contest is our own version of “King of the Hill”!  
    • Finish five or more of the trail series races and you will have the honor of being named a “HURT Trailblazer”.  You could also become one of ten people to win a great prize. The contest’s scoring factors in participation, degree of difficulty, age group ranking and other elements. The contest is designed to be inclusive; it’s not just podium runners who take home the prize on this one!
    • The scoring for this 2024 version has been revised to include the top 8 scores of the 10 races so if you are not able to make a race or two it won’t count against you. 
    • Stay tuned for details about an end-of-season picnic to celebrate after the Peacock race. 
  • Trail series events that are shorter than marathon distance have a minimum age of 15 years old (runners 15-17 must complete and submit a parental permission waiver). Trail series events that exceed marathon distance have a minimum age of 18 years old.

Trail Maintenance Announcement:

HURT enjoys the privilege of partnerships with State and Federal agencies that hold the responsibility of protecting Oʻahu public lands. Those partnerships are based upon mutual trust and cooperation and shared concerns for the ʻaina. To keep that trust and continue to be provided the opportunity to host trail events, we (HURT) must understand and abide by rules that govern our partner agencies.

HURT does organize and facilitate official trail maintenance only when coordination with our partners has occurred. All trail work is performed under the supervision of a permitted individual with advance permissions. Some trails are off-limits for HURT to perform trail maintenance due to the sensitive flora. No HURT trail maintenance will occur outside of these parameters.

HURT and its partner agencies require that no self-directed trail maintenance occur on publicly-owned trails. Any individuals performing trail work outside of official HURT-organized events, are doing so on their own accord and will be held personally responsible by State and Federal agencies for any violations. Such activity could jeopardize our relationships with partner agencies and lead to inability to use public lands for our events.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2023 Trail Series by subscribing to our notifications.


As of July 7, 2024