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The Unofficial 12 Hours of Hogback; Enter the DarkSide

Another in the Madness Series…..


Time: 6:00PM Friday November 26th to 6:00AM  Saturday November 27

Place:  Hogback (of course!)  Nature Center Picnic Table. 

The Route:  Inner loops (Hogback, Cross-over, Center)  repeated.

Bring your own stuff, though there will be some refreshments there. 

This is a great test of stamina and fortitude over that bit of ground that is so loved by us all.  Come out and get your lines down up the hogback and the cross-over. 

Remember….if you cann't do five…..you won't survive….

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  1. I am new to this site, I love trail running and was hoping to integrate myself into the community a bit. I usually have weekends off and would like to know when I can meet someone or a group of people to train. I am in o.k. running shape looking to get into great shape again and I have a lot of heart but I have never competed, just for my own enjoyment and spirituality but I am thinking of getting serious about training on the trails once a weekend if I can find some people to show me around. Thanks, Brandt Gibson ( brandtgibson14@yahoo.com )

  2. Brandt, the best way to get to know people is to show up at saturday morning training, times and meeting places posted on this site. Once you run with the group you will find people at your speed/experience level who you can arrange to run with more often.
    If you are new to trail running it is best to start slow and stay slow for some time as it takes some trail experience to be able to understand what your body is capable of on the trails. It also takes a lot of time for your body to adapt to the new demands you will be putting on it. Remember, in the long run, nobody is going to really care how fast you were, it is whether you make it to the finish line that counts in Ultras.

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