Karl Meltzer on NBC this Sunday

 NBC Sports will be airing a story on Karl Meltzers latest adventure at 3:00 p.m. ET (I think that means 10 a.m. for us).

NBC Sports

Red Bull Human Express: WOAS hits the road with Red Bull athlete Karl Meltzer as he takes on the legendary Pony Express Route…on foot. The Pony Express served as the premier U.S. mail service from east to west for 18 months in the 1860s and became the West’s best form of communication prior to the telegraph. Though the ponies back then worked hard, Meltzer covers even more ground per day than they ever did, completing over two marathons a day. While the 2,000+ mile journey is impressive enough, he also faces challenging terrain, unpredictable weather and a worrying lack of water.
Web: www.redbull.com
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