Mikey’s Birthday Run (3+ HURT LOOPS)

Start time 5:00 PM Friday November 12, Manoa Rd. @narrows.  Distance 3+ Loops.  Stashes stocked.  Charity event.

Well its been quite a year!  60 Hour HOSPICE Runner run, HURT 100 (PR), Round Oahu, 2Seas2Summits, Maui Madness, Peacock(PR)….to name just the highlights.  Running for 60 hours plus on a number of occasions, was quite a challenge, doing 130,135, 160, 170 mile runs alters ones thought processes. I am thankful for those runs and all the support I received from all of you. There were 'totally fried' moments when I would not have gone on if good friends had not of been there to offer care and support. Thank you so much!  And there were a few 'so far out I'm never coming back' moments when I had to reach down deep and make it happen on my own.  All hard acts to follow.  

To commemorate the end of a great year, and mark the beginning of yet another I plan to run a 100 K this week-end.  It will be a three hurt loop plus, run.  I am planning on going out 5:00PM on Friday evening from the Manoa Road standard parking area, just before road narrows.  I will be stocking the Stashes at Manoa, Jack-ass, and Nature Center. (Marked with Orange Tape and similar to last year's in locations)  I'll have water, drinks, and some snacks at each location.  The goal is to show up at Manoa at around 11:00 PM and then again around 6:00 AM on Saturday.  

I will be donating $10 to St. Francis Hospice for every runner who makes it out  this week-end.   So your effort will help a good cause.

We are farther into the training season than most people realize.  It is time to be doing loops, time to be doing multiple loops, if you plan to be out there for HURT you need night running time..   I invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to get out and do some night loop training.  If we are lucky it will rain, blow, and be really muddy so we can have a great training secession.  This is the time to get your lights straight, to figure out your dark times, to understand night nutrition and fatigue factors, to do some distance alone in the hills at night with the guys who live beside the trails, and to have the support of other runners. Remember laps three and four are hope killers, dream snatchers, the doubt demons of HURT runners.  Night Loops make or break HURT for most runners. Come out and make friends with all the trail nasties.  

I look forward to seeing you out there!  If you have any questions please email me at mmuench01 at gmail.  Or you can post a question here, on facebook, or call me at threeseventwo-twosixthreezero.

Aloha!  Mikem