Unofficial Run to the Sun: March 20th

Aloha Athletes,

Sunday March 20th some of us will be running The run to the sun course. As you know the previous race director has stepped down and we possible have an interested person for 2012. Never the less some of us are attempting to run the course. We would like to invite you to join us or if you know anyone interested.

Again this is NOT an official event. There are no rules, no fees, no nothing. If you would like to attempt this on your own you need your own  support, park entry fee and a ride down.

There are several people doing this as a team and last I heard there is a 8 person all women's team. The plan is to start at the regular time which is 0430 am… Ouch, BTW its dark you need a flashlight.

From the parking lot at maui mall near the ale house. Again you can start anytime you like. 

On the way down there will be a post run get together at Jim and Marnes house at 16441 Haleakala hwy. This is .4 miles up crater road after sunrise market across from the bronze horse statues. So bring something for afterwards, food and beverage. I heard they will be  firing up the grill. On the way up you can drop off a cooler or use their bathroom as well. They will have a sign posted. Thanks Jim and Marne! 

The evening before the race, 5pm saturday night, some of us plan on being at the ale house to carbo load and get together so if you have any last minute questions or want to join us come on down. Again hope you can join us or do part of it or ride your bike. See you sunday the 20th of March


Bram DenHaan 

Home 808-573-7584 

Cell 808-280-4893