Maunawili Out and Back Mahalo and Photos

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Maunawili Out and Back solo and relay races. Everything was perfect for a great day for running with the pigs! The weather was ideal, the trail was in fantastic condition (thanks to Freddy and his team), and the runners were in top shape and ready for the challenge.  

Of course, nothing happens without the HURT Ohana stepping up to work hard to give each runner a fun and safe experience. First, the seasoned professional who took care of everyone at the start/finish; Kana, Jacki, and Jen. 

Then there was the A team at the turnaround; Les, Derrick, Johnny, Sara, Judy, Keith, Sandi, Glen, and Jill.

The timing and go-to dynamic duo of Jeff and Augusto took care of all sorts of tasks, and the super sweepers, Freddy, Mike, Jeff, and Judy ensured all runners were safe and accounted for as well as cleaned up all trail markings.  Kalani and Augusto were capturing great photos all day. Huge mahalo to all!

Top three men:
  1. Nicolas Escobar (with a negative split!)
  2. Greg Voelkel
  3. Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards, Nicolas Escobar, and Greg Voelkel
Top three women:
  1. Anna Ellis
  2. Aimee Jacobs
  3. Natsumi Gibbens
Aimee Jacobs, Anna Ellis, and Natsumi Gibbens
Top three relays:
  1. Scrambled Legs – Bryanna Phillips and Stephanie Raven
  2. Team Piper – Rush Taylor and Aaron Peirsol
  3. Wet Okoles – Dana Hester and Andy Hignite

One final note, this was Arvel Shults’ last run with HURT for a while, and he will be sorely missed.  We wish the best to him and Benita as they head off to other adventures.  

Mahalo to everyone who ran or helped for the race.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as Neal and I did.  We hope to see you at Tantalus Triple Trek on September 3!

You can find Augusto and Kalani’s amazing pictures in the button below:


Marian and Neal

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