Nickademus Hollon: His Barkley Marathon Race Report

Aloha Athletes, As many of you know, Nickademus Hollon, became the 13th ever and this year's winner, of the Barkley Marathons. He was one of two who finished. He was third at January's HURT 100.  His race report can be found here. I would encourage you all to read it.  Congratulations Nickademus!! Aloha, Bob


HURT Runners Are Special and Running to Make a Difference (Updated)

Aloha Athletes, The HURT 100 is fast approaching as many of you know on January 19 and 20. Some runners have stepped up to raise some funds for excellent causes.  Two time winner Jason Loutitt is raising money for a foundation called Playing for Change. More info here. Local runner Paul Sibley is committing his…