Mango Madness Mahalos, Results, and Photos

VERT THAT HURTS! Thank you all for taking on the unknown, undisclosed course that is Mango Madness! Forecasts were predicting some heavy rains, but we had the best weather. The trails were a bit muddy, but the sunny day hopefully made the pain of those hills feel a bit better. Our course this year went around the lower Makiki Valley Loop 1.5 times before it ascended Nahuina Trail to Concrete Hill. The loop of that hill to the Tantalus Pillbox and down the short Pu’u Ohia segment made access to the aid station very convenient. I hope you all enjoyed the extra refreshments at the top. The racers then ran the road back to the bottom of Concrete Hill and did the loop again. Then it was downhill all the way home, straight back to Archie Baker Park. No surprises this year, but plenty of pushups and a ‘dance party’ at the Pillbox hopefully made this year memorable.

The first man and woman racers to reach the Tantalus Pillbox won the coveted “King and Queen of the Mountain”.  This year’s winners were Patrick Duboyce and Eirenee Pospisil. They were great sports because they were made to run the rest of their race holding a big wooden “K” and “Q”.

And because the race is so difficult, I like to give awards to the top ten finishers in each category. They are…

1Eirenee Pospisil
2Lory Peroff
3Kaitlin Yeager
4Lydia Lam
5Satomi Fujimura
6Kristina Eizenhoefer
7Leah Stickels
8Cheryl Laglia
9Eriko Nakagawa
10Aimee Jacobs
1Brian Wyland
2Patrick Duboyce
3Greg Voelkel
4Ryan Skotnicki
5Jimmy Davis
6Victor Garcia
7Noah Anderson
8Tyler Juza
9Caleb Maisonville
10Brendan Fitzgibbons

We can’t say enough about the team of volunteers that made this race such a success. This race would not be possible!

Course marshals: Irina, Keith, Alyssa, Alex Loomis, Michael, Erin, Kate, Rosie, Steve, Katja, Alex Fuentes, and Mike Hee

Sweep: Judy

Tantalus Road Aid Station: Jacki, Kana, Neal

Start/Finish crew: Andrew, Jordon, Teresa, Hiromi, Jeff Huff, Jeff Snyder, Sara

Race permitting:  Marian 

Photos:  Augusto and Kalani

We hope you are wondering what is in store for next year!  I will be sure to deliver more madness and can guarantee more ‘rubber bands’. Thank you for racing! See you at Wa’ahila Wanderer.

Melanie Decker Koehl (RD)