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Waʻahila Wanderer Welcomes Wave of HURT Trailblazers

Following the completion of the Waʻahila Wanderer event on 6/10/23, the HURT Trailblazer contest became a reality.

The following runners have completed at least 5 events to be recognized as HURT Trailblazers. Congratulations to each for their fine efforts through the first five events:

  • Gary Holton
  • Satomi Fujimura
  • Linda Okita
  • Miki Hyun
  • Eriko Nakagawa
  • Shane Williams
  • Ashley Lucas
  • Abigail Meadows
  • Robert Hori
  • Marnie Whitlock
  • Jun Fritz
  • Ben Wunderlich
  • Adam Hughes
  • James Lee
  • Shane Peterson
  • Jonathan Bagley
  • and Dave Plummer.

Each of the Trailblazers have been provided the opportunity to wear their accomplishment with pride with HURT Branded Trailblazer Swag, made only available for purchase to Trailblazers.

Who will be in the next wave of inductees as HURT Trailblazers? Currently there are 16 runners with 4 HURT Trail Series finishes who can attain the achievement at our next event. We hope to see you at Ka’ena Point Firecracker on 7/1/23, tickets are going fast. 

Complete standings can be at HURT Trailblazer Standings

Mahalo for your support,

HURT Trail Series