2013 Maunawili Out and Back Results

Aloha Athletes,

My apologies for the late posting of these results, just getting back from a computer free couple of days on the North Shore (highly recommended!). 

PJ sent me this short video to post as how could we possibly have a "Run with the Pigs" without a real pig. 


Don't worry folks, the pig was a pet that Huddy arranged to be brought to the race.

Race Day was incredible. The weather was beautiful after an early, pre-race Hawaiian Sunshine blessing. There were a large number of runners who chose the early–6:00 a.m. start and they set off right on time. 

The overall winner of the race was Susie Stephen. Congratulations to her and she also won by getting into the HURT 100 via the lottery on Sunday but I am getting ahead of myself. Thank you to everyone who came out and ran. It was fun seeing so many people out on the trail. 

Marian and Neal again out did themselves as Race Directors. Marian puts out a spread of post-race food that would put many restaurant buffet's to shame. Thank you to them for keeping everyone fed and happy after some long hours on the trail. Of course there were a lot of other volunteers and I know many have been thanked already. These races wouldn't happen if it wasn't for everyone volunteering and jumping in to help. Thank you!

2013 Maunawili Out and Back Results

The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the final Trail Series race for 2013 and it is already sold out. This is the Tantalus Triple Trek on August 31. 

The weekend of fun continued on Sunday with the 2014 HURT 100 lottery drawing party hosted by Jeff Huff. It was interesting for me to be trying to follow this via my phone as I imagine many others might have been as well. Congratulations to all those that were lucky and fortunate to get in. For those who didn't, please consider volunteering and seeing how else you can help out. 

Aloha, Bob