San Diego 100 Course Ops

So I finally made it out to the SD100 course to scope it out…wow…how beautiful that course is going to be. I had to choose between sight seeing over the vistas or tripping down the trail…safety first of course!

Goods and bads to every course. Its not quite the sustained climbing of HURT, but it does have a section that bears striking resemblance to my nemesis, Jr's "Long Road." Its paved, UP, and hot…and if I am timing my run correctly, I am projected to hit it in the early afternoon.

I will say, it became obvious to me today why HURT trains for mainland races at Peacocks. Fireroads, single-track, and the terrain/environment are about the same…

I did meet a newbie today, Ryan, shooting for his first 100M buckle…actually I found all of that out from his female "pacer" as she was ditched as he sped down the trail and she was leaning on a tree. At least she felt like chatting!

More as I progress in my training…I am trying to channel my HURT brothers and sisters out there…(unfortunately, not too many on these trails like to stop a chat like HURT folks…maybe as they recognize me more.)

Jake H.