December 2nd- 4th– Week-end Training Runs

Last week we had a lot of posted comments on when and where people were going out!  Let's continue that this week as well. Lots of people need the encouragement and opportunity.  Nothing more harsh than going out on yer own in the rain and dark.  Fun, but harsh, no?    

Also please post your week day training as well.  Who know you may get some unexpected and enjoyable company.  

I believe there is a runner coming in from the west who wants to run a loop on Friday.  Please check the left margin for that posted comment if you can or want to do an after noon loop on Friday. Always nice to show a bit of Aloha.  

Saturday morning at 6:30 from the water tanks will be the standard training run.  Cheryl will clarify this if it does not quite suit the Wahine Ali'i Kukini . (I just do the posts)  

Lots of time left….more than a month till the HURT.  Relax, no sweat, it won't come back to haunt you until late THAT Saturday night when you ARE all alone in the wind and the rain in the dark, and that crazy quy is running along side you 10 feet off the trail clacking all that bamboo, and you start making up lame excuses to stop and go home….like its unfair to your family for you to be out in the cold rainy night, or you need to wash the car tomorrow, or you've suddenly decided that trail running shortens your life, or discovered that raspberry goo gives you hives, or … tell me what it will be because it will likely be something.   

Run, run while you can because you will have to keep running while you can't if you don't train.  

Good Luck and Aloha!