Friday Night Run – Windward Side

Planning a Friday night run leaving from Maunawili Falls Trailhead in the Maunawili subdivision around 6PM and running over to Paradise Park, then back.  Long-slow run over the Pali (no pork please), through Jackass Ginger, over to PP then return to Maunawili.  Looking for company from anyone that has too many daytime commitments to run when there is sunlight, and a sense of humor! Call my cell if interested (497-3911).  Approx. 23ish miles and 6-7 hours.

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  1. Aloha crazies-
    Mike, can you pls tell me exactly where to meet this coming Saturday for some trail running? I’d prefer 0500 start time but I’ll take the 0630 group as well – just want some trails and pain! Still learning the locations of meeting places here.
    I appreciate it.

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