Back to Back Bad Ass Training Binge

So here is the score.  You don't have to go to Peacocks this week to get in some bad ass  training time.  But the flip side is that if you don't go to Peacocks this weekend you will be missing some bad ass training time. The only way out of the conundrum is to split your effort and do both venues.   

Peacocks:  Saturday training at 5:00 and 6:30.  5:00 am out of Long Road. (Please post if you are in a group doing the run out of Long Road.)  The 6:30 am  run is out of the parking lot at the airport.  Gate opens at 6:00 but there is no guarantee anyone will wait around for the stragglers so get there on time!   Carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated for the entire run.   Good training to carry a gallon up for the stash. Check the posts for a redux on Sunday.  Slower runners can usually find someone to pace with if you get there early.  Cheryl goes out early from Long Road, and it is said she has a heart, and often takes care of newbies…..but don't expect her to slow the downs for you.    

HURT Trails:   Chris Perez is going out to do two HURT loops this week end.  One on Saturday at 2:00 pm.  The second on Sunday at 2:00pm.  These will go out of Pairodice, with parking at the top of Manoa road.  Stashes are stocked but water at Jack-ass is getting low and I don't know if I will have time to restock.  These are late afternoon runs into the night so it will be hot, then it may be chilly and wet, and you will need water and nutrition.  Lights are mandatory.   Helping the clowns who think Manoa was terraformed by Disney is not obligatory. (Passed 10 people stumbling along  in the dark last Saturday evening)  These  20 mile loops are at a sub seven pace. Conditions can be very muddy lately.   ( Chris and a team of buddies ran a 24 hour relay this weekend and raised about a $thousand for Wounded Warriors.  If you want to contribute to their effort you can access his site at   Well Done Chris!!)

Newbies and  visiting Ultra runners are always welcome.  Just remember that this is the meat of the training season.  People are pushing, and these venues are meant for the well trained and informed.  Serious stuff. Gordon will hang back a bit at the airport to advise anyone new to the 'improved' loop.  But don't expect a guided tour. Always stay on the trails.  The HURT loop has some bail points.  You will be a long way from your car but you will be out of the woods.  

If you are doing mid-week runs please post them as comments to this main training post.  Lots of activity out there and it never hurts to have company on those evening runs through the twilight.  Plus you may get to team up with people you have not run with before.  Lots of new runners need and seek  midweek trail time.  Lots of vets just do their training on automatic.  Keep it in mind if you are doing a shorter run during the week.  

Marvelous Marv Mango sent Harat Dave some shirts.  That Marv, such a great guy!  Thanks Marv.  Really appreciate it.  You are swell.    

You should be way past suffering by now.  It's just a matter of getting moving and working out the kinks from all the nagging injuries and soreness.   All your gear stinks, your car stinks, your shirts are all funky even after a wash, your shoes seem to be falling apart for no reason, other than the few hundred miles you have put on them in the last month… is the routine.  It's not the strong who survive.  It's the prepared, the  persistent, and the really scared of the reality of the races ahead.    Get out there again and again….ENDURE.     Mikem