Congratulations Charlotte!!

A few weeks ago I posted about Charlotte Vasarhelyi's attempt at setting a record on the Bruce Trail in Canada. I received this from her today: 

"Hi Everyone,

Some of you know that completing the Bruce Trail End to End run has been a dream of mine for a very long time.  On June 19th, I embarked on the journey that would test my physical, emotional, and spiritual limits, with one of my goals being to break the current speed record that has held for 12 years, being 14 days 10 hours.  This past friday I completed the journey with many great friends helping along the way in 13 days, 10 hours 51 minutes, breaking the record by 23 hours 9 minutes.  So much has happen over the past couple of weeks that I am still processing.  The experience was one that I will cherish for all time.

If any of you are interested in reading up on the adventure, it was blogged on the Monumental Effort website (daily updates), and updated on Trail Runner Canada website.  



In case you are wondering, the Bruce Trail is 894.1 km long. Pretty Impressive.