Fun Run to The Sun Race Report

DSC03546 Run To The
Sun Run Report

(OK after reading and looking at this, I really miss this run! Thanks for the report and photos. Aloha, Bob)


On Saturday March 6th @ 0430 Hrs a hardy bunch of about 12 runners
took off from the Ale House and started their ascent up Haleakala
Volcano. A team of about 5 military guys that just returned from Iraq,
took off like a bunch of hares and never to be seen again until they
drove down. Just like at HURT100, our neighbors from the great white
north dominated as if winning the gold in hockey is not enough. The top 3
individuals all came from Vancouver Island. It was a truly
international gathering as we had Tom Dennisson come all the way from
Sidney ,OZ to take care of and complete some unfinished business from
last years RTTS and Searay from Barcelona, Spain.

Maui Carl Wirtl decided RTTS isn't tough enough so he decided to run
back down. He started the day before and met us in the early am as he
was coming down, lit up like a christmas tree( 22.5 Hrs). He said he had
a great time running through out the night, Perfect weather…if you
are a duck, no traffic or pesky rangers just rain and wind and lots of
it. All in all we had much better weather than last year. The fog was
quite thick the final 10 miles. Some of us put on our headlamps and
reflective vests back on for visibility. Despite that we still had a few
near misses with some sleepy visitor motorists returning from sunrise.
The Haleakala National Park Secret police had no clue as to what was
going on just surprised by the number of joggers. It turned out a couple
of more teams started later as well as some individuals from the Big
Island and others. After the run everyone stopped by Marne and Jim's
place on Crater road for some great Food,
beverages and war stories. Thanks for the hospitality and delicious
food. We must have had about 25 people out there on the hill. More photos can be seen here.

A great day of running was had by all and an absolute stress free
day for the organizer and no park service personnel to deal with.

It looks like we might have a RD for next years. We'll keep our
fingers crossed and keep you in the loop.