Trail Light Alert

Just a note to let you know that Costco has a pair of "Techlight Tactical" lights for sale for about $20. There is a $5 off coupon in their latest mailing.   Fifteen bucks for 2 good lights!

The posted power is 160 lumens.  It seems a fair assessment of the light.  Not quite as good as my 50 dollar 160 but at these prices it is close enough.  By far the best deal I have come across in any case.  these are small handhelds along the size of the Fishy Favorites that many of use have.  They do a bit of beam adjustment through a swivel, but nothing so radical as Fish's lights.  They have a two step brightness button, which is of negligible effect.  

I bounced around the yard with them. Have compared them to my standards.  They come up short, but again, at these prices I would hope they did!  But I am happy with the purchase and plan to get a couple more. 

If you are looking for a better set of running lights I believe you can not go wrong giving these a try.

Aloha, Mikem