Saturday Training/Mikey’s Party 11-14-09

Aloha Athletes !

A busy day is planned for all who are training for HURT 10, starting at 6 am, that's 0600 to some, at the usual Manoa location, just before Paradise Park. If you plan your training day with at least a HURT loop, more for the faster runners, that should put you Johnny-on-the-Spot to go directly to Mike Muench's house, where he has a nice outside shower for you to freshen-up (PLEASE don't forget a clean change of clothes!). Mikey's Party/Barbecue starts at 12 noon and runs until 6 pm. Come any time. He will be posting details and directions for parking. It should be a hoot ! Everybody come…even if you don't know Mike personally OR if you have no idea what stupid thing he did last week/weekend.  Don