Murphy at Superior in MN, Huff & Inouye at Plain in WA

This weekend while some of us are taking it easy–or maybe not, three H.U.R.T. runners are at the races running 100 miles. Actually we have heard from Bob Murphy via Rex V. that he has finished Superior in 35 hours and some change. Superior has a 38 hour cut-off. According to Rex, Bob said Superior is a tough 100 mile race, right up there with HURT, Plain and Hardrock. Bob, we want a complete report. I've been in that part of the country, it is beautiful.

Jeff Huff and Larry Inouye are back at the Plain 100. As I write this Saturday evening around 8:30 p.m. Hawaii time, they should be finished with the first loop around 60 miles, and out on the second loop. I wish them well on this long evening and hope they are running strong. Since they both have finished Plain before, money guys! We know you can do it!!!

As soon as I hear how they have finished, I will post something.

Rex mentioned something about 8-1/2 hours up at Peacock today. That is not taking it easy on a Saturday. Awesome!

Oh, one more thing, Geoff Roes, 2009 H.U.R.T. 100 winner, just set a new course record at the Wasatch 100 mile race: 18:30:55. Congratulations to him and Karl Meltzer for putting on quite a dual. Karl finished in 19:12:23.