Saturday Training 9-19-09 “More Peacocks”

Aloha Athletes !

The weather last Saturday was really nice up on the jeep roads and trails in the Peacock Flats area. Hopefully this Saturday will be the same.

A few of the Diehard HURT runners who are training for the Peacock 54 and…ultimately the HURT 100 will be starting at 4:30 am at the bottom of Long Road (well, we call it "long road") and doing a shortened loop back to the airfield, then returning back up Kealia Trail for added fun and pain. You can park in the subdivision just down the street. As an option, a small group of runners will be starting much later at 8 am. A third option would be to start just after the gate opens at 7 am. Also, at this point, the "stash" is basically dry, so it would be great to add to your workout by humping-up a gallon of water and dropping it at one of the usual stash sites. I can't wait to see how extra tough this will make my climb. One thing for sure…you will be stronger for it !  Don