Kaʻena Point Firecracker Mahalos, Results, and Photos

Congratulations to the 111 runners who started and finished the 2023 HURT Kaena Point Firecracker trail race! 

This racecourse looks easier than some others in the HURT Trail Series with no roots, no mud, and no mountains. However, rocks visible and seemingly invisible, no shade anywhere on a summer morning after the sun rose over the ridge, deep sand on the first and last 4/10 miles of the racecourse, and a headwind on the “sprint” to the finish provided ample challenges! Everyone earned their finisher “medals”!

Special congratulations to the top Firecracker finishers, who were awarded unique shadow boxes displaying glass bottles filled with shells from Kaena Point beaches. Women: Marissa Kunsch, Bethany Gollin, Alyssa Malley; Men: Michael Cacal, Christian Knauss, Greg Voelkel

As with every event in the HURT Trail Series, this race would not happen without the hard work of volunteers.

Course Marking: Jeff F
Parking Attendant: Lory
Setup Crew at Start/Finish: Jeff H, Lisa, Nick, Sandi, Marian, Kelley
Food Prep and Service: Satomi, Justin
Course Marshals: Annie, Leah, Nick
Aid Station Crew: Team Lead Hannah, Aaron, Andrea, Nate, Taylor from Uloha
Safety Sweepers and Course Cleanup: Judy, Freddy
Timers: Jeff H, Sara, Justin, Dana
Cleanup Crew at Start/Finish: Anyone standing nearby!
Race permitting: Marian
Photographers:  Augusto, Kalani, Brent
Webmaster: Augusto

Thanks to Uloha Outdoor Store (Honolulu), a HURT partner, who provided equipment and a volunteer for the Waianae side aid station. Their generous help was essential!

Thanks to the entire HURT community who helped a couple of rookie RDs get through their first race! Former Race Directors Benita and Arvel Shults, now enjoying Colorado living, set a high bar for success!

Results, Photos, and Trailblazer Standings


Tanya Florin and Keith Campbell
Kaʻena Point Firecracker Race Directors