Maunawili Out and Back 22-miler Final Instructions, 8/3

Aloha Run With the Piggers!

We are running; rain or shine. Pull up your big kid pants and have fun playing in the mud!

We will not have access to the parking area until about 5:45 am. Please arrive no later than 5:45 and comply with all instructions provided to you by parking attendants. Our parking is ONLY in the lot that is the furthest to the top. We will need to park tightly to fit everyone in. Carpool if at all possible! If you are being dropped off, please do NOT take a parking stall. Drop-offs may park in the lot below the HURT designated area and must leave once the run has started.

Check-in will be as expedited as possible. HURT’s fearless leader, Big John, will check you in by your last name and provide your bib number. Then his more-than-capable and lovely assistants, PJ and Jen, will provide your bib and pins. Please move through the area as quickly as possible.

The trail has been groomed with a tremendous amount of work by some wonderful volunteers. Literally, this run would not have been able to happen without the sweat and back-straining work done by them.

There are four portable bathrooms in our area. Those are solely for HURT runners. Do NOT enter the Koolau facility under any circumstance. There is no access to water, so you might want to bring a jug of water to wash up after you are done. Warm clothes may be needed if it is windy and wet.

Please stay after you finish for some food and story-telling. Also, if you ordered shirts or hats, please be sure to find Marian to pay for and pick up your goodies!

Mahalo, Marian and Neal Yasuda