HURT Trail Maintenance Volunteers

Maunawili Trail Cleanup – Thank You

Thank you to ALL VOLUNTEERS who came out over the last 4 weekends to clear out the old trail of Maunawili.

We found the trail in its worst condition anybody had ever seen or experienced. Every week we tried to clear the trail, word got around, and the list of volunteers grew and grew. From my personal experience, they were some of the hardest working people I have ever had the chance to work with. The determination and commitment everybody brought with them on the trail made this almost insurmountable task look like an “almost” fun get together with friends.

I can proudly announce that we achieved our goal/task and managed to get the trail in running condition for Marian’s “Run with the Pig’s” out and back on August 3rd.

I need to acknowledge the volunteers by name starting from the first week, some came out multiple times!

Sara Santilli
Jeffrey Cashon
Glen Oshiro
Clement Aleka-Gorai
Dana Hester
Roger Schmid
Alex Garcia
Erik Hauptmann
Nate Burgoyne
Ron Federizo
Jeff Fong
Arvel Shults
Neil Yasuda
Solange Saxby
Andy Hignite
Sandi Kanemori
Jacki Doppelmayer
Toni Barnhill
Kana Yamamoto
Gordon Lau Jr
Chris Wolfe
Donielle Wolfe
Benita Shults
Myra Pacubas
Sue Lohr
Ruby Aquino
Tim Gilson
Lane Shimonishi
Ryan Vulcan
Jeffrey Huff
Brian Wyland
Keith Campbell
Sean Thompson
Lauri Yonemoto
Les Omura
Heather McCafferty
Sean Fox

This would never have gotten done without all your help, my friends!

At a loss for more words,