TttlogoAloha Everyone,

The big day is just around the corner…the 27th running of H.U.R.T.’s Tantalus Triple Trek (3T)!!!!

Here are the instructions for race day this Saturday, September 1, 2018, at 5:30am.

The Start/Finish area is at the picnic table and bathrooms by the Maunalaha trailhead (just above the Hawaii Nature Center). Participants may arrive as early as 4:45am. Start time will be around 5:30am (or when John says ‘GOOOOOOO!!!!!!”). Be at the Start/Finish area no later than 5:15am to check-in with John and his lovely helpers as well as receive your race number.

PARKING: Available along the access road to the Nature Center (before the gate) and along Tantalus Drive (near the Makiki pumping station). When parking along the side of the road, all tires must be off the roadway. A volunteer will be near the entrance of the access road to assist you with parking.

DROP BAGS: A single drop bag may be left at the Start/Finish and accessed by the runner at the completion/start of each loop. Please have it adequately labeled with your name. Also be courteous of your fellow runners by not bringing a large drop bag or excessive gear.

COURSE: Three (3) Loops. Each loop heads up the Kanealole (Center/Pipe) trail across Makiki Valley trail, up & along the Moleka Manoa Cliff and Kalawahine trails then along Tantalus Drive. Continue down Nahuina trail, back across Makiki Valley trail then down the Maunalaha trail (Hogsback), and back to the start/finish.

Runners are expected to know the course or be able to follow the trail markings (a map is provided below). There will be course marshals at the major intersections for only the first loop. The course will be adequately marked with ORANGE ribbon going from the start to the apex of the course (the top pig gate along Manoa Cliff trial). WHITE ribbon will take runners back down the start/finish. As always BLUE means “DO NOT GO HERE!”


Upon the completion of each loop, runners are required to check into the start/finish with a volunteer, stating their run number. Once they hear the volunteer report their number to John, they may proceed to their drop bag or get assistance from the volunteers. Upon starting loops 2 and 3, runners must report that they are departing out (i.e., “#21 heading out!!!”).

The course crosses two roadways. There will be course marshals at both crossings and at all trail intersections for only the first loop. Thereafter, be careful when crossing these roadways. There will be, not only vehicles but also cyclists and road runners so be cautious and courteous. This is a long race so a few seconds to be safe is well worth it.

CUT-OFF TIMES: Runners will have 9 hours to complete all three loops. The finish area will close at 2:30pm. Runners must start their third/final loop by 11:30am and reach the Kalawahine aide station by 1:30pm.

AID STATIONS: There will be two aide stations along the course: 1) start/finish area (Maunalaha-Kanealoloe trailhead) and 2) Tantalus road crossing (Kalawahine trailhead). Both will be adequately stocked with water, sports drink, soda, fruits (watermelon, bananas, oranges), and various salty and sweet treats (peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels, gummies, etc.).

** We will be offering Skratch at both aide stations as the featured sports drink. Runners will also be able to refuel with Tailwind Endurance drink at HNC.**


Runners must carry a minimum of 24 ounces of water while on trail as well as supply their own gels, electrolytes, sports nutrition for the race (other than what is offered at the aide station). No aspirin or oral medications will be available.

Sunrise will not be until after 6am. Bring a personal light source (i.e. small flashlight, headlamp) to navigate the trail until the sun has adequately lit the trail.

We encourage you to get aide only at either of the two aide stations. While we do welcome crewing, have them meet you at these locations. Crewing anywhere else along the course will not be allowed. Additionally, pacers are NOT needed or allowed for this event.

Listen to, thank, and respect the volunteers. We cannot have these events without them! Swearing or signs of disrespect will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.

A few photographers will be along the course, so please keep up those big smiles as you never know where they’ll be hiding!

As the course is not closed to the public, be courteous to all other trail users. Treat fellow runners and trail enthusiasts with the same kindness and respect that you would like to be treated with. If you would like to pass by, ask to do so when space is available and thank them. Likewise, if someone would like to pass by you, let them do so when space allows. Kindness goes a long way.

Do not leave any `opala (garbage) on the trails. Littering may result in disqualification so “Pack it in and pack it out!”

Should you decide to pull yourself from the race, you must inform the race directorate as soon as possible and before you leave the premises. We would like to ensure that all are safe and accounted for at the end of the day.

As runners finish, we will be serving chili (regular & vegetarian) with rice/potatoes and a few other items for runners to enjoy. Feel free to join us and bring a dish to share.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email at hurt3trek[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a great remainder of the week and see you dark and early this Saturday!

Sandi and Jeff (your 3T RDs)

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