Saturday September 13th- Peacock – Special 4am Edition!

Aloha Athletes, Moon-beam

Yes you heard that right, this Saturday's run will be starting at the extra special hour of 4am! Set those alarms, throw an extra shot of espresso in your coffee, and come romp with us along the moonlit trails for Cheryl's last Peacock run before she leaves for Bend in October.

We'l be starting from long road at 4 on the dot. Don't be late. The general route will be climbing all the way to the very end of long road (past the rockpile turn off), then coming back down to rockpiles, cross over to 3-way, then back to rockpiles, all the back up to the very top of LR, then head all the way down to finish. Total distance is around 22 miles.


  • Google Map Link:
  • (Map point “A” is bottom of Long Road. Map point “B” is suggested parking)

Hope to see you all there!