2013 Run with a View Results (UPDATED with Photo Link)

Aloha Athletes,

Just a quick post to get the results up from this morning's Run with a View. Not sure the rain dancing worked as it looks like some fast times. Fun to see Mr. Jakob Dewald working his way up, taking 3rd overall today. Now it won't be long before he wins one of these runs!

2013 Run with a View Results

Photos by Augusto Decastro Photography Awesome Race photos. Check them out. Thanks Augusto!

(There is another photo link in the comments)

I look forward to hearing more about it and hopefully seeing some photos. The only photo I have seen so far is of the carrots given as a prize. I am sure the RD's, Cheryl and Rosie put out quite the spread post race. Now back to my proposals and other fun work! Sorry to have missed it.