Last weekend saw the transgrancanaria trail run.  They offer 24k; 42k, 83k and 113k options.  I plumped for the 83k.  Gran Canaria – one of the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic – is quite similar to Oahu in size and general morphology (Canaries are a volcanic chain like Hawaii), but a good deal spikier.  We kicked off at 6am from Puerto las Nieves (= snow!) with a brass band in attendance.  Excellent climb of 1200m in the dark and then nice bit of flat, fast running through pine forest.  Lots of up and down followed.  The net ascent is 4,500m (so its like 1.5* run to the sun, but on trails and you get to come down too).  Forecast was for strong winds and rain.  Winds were strong, but rain at altitude was only drizzle, so actually conditions were very pleasant.  It is a North Face production, so was well organised, and the trail marking was excellent.  Marvellous way to see the island, and perfect time of year with spring flowers in abundance.  Seven aid stations of european style (lots of sausage and cheese etc, and no fruit or PBJs) but the half-way point was superb with penne and clam sauce!  After than was mostly down-hill.  Almost 30k pretty much continuous downhill.  Last bit was murder in a dried up ravine with 4km of loose rocks and hot and dusty.  But overall a great experience and hopefully good WS training experience.  Nick