H.U.R.T. 2013 Race Registration Information


The registration date for the H.U.R.T. 100 is fast approaching. Please review the following for important event dates. Registration will once again be provided by Ultrasignup.

Registration Opens: 7/22/12

Registration Closes: 7/29/12

Lottery Selection Show: 8/5/12

The 2013 edition of the Book of HURT is in the final stages of production and will be posted here when completed. Please read the booklet prior to registering for the event.



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  1. ahhh I’ve been waiting for this day since Jan 16th!! 🙂 Stoked to run again!!

  2. miles and miles of darkness, cold, rainy, windy, hot and humid weather, re-learning to be a bear in the woods, becoming a connoisseur of electrolyte tabs and caps and many disgusting foods, an expert at the bubbling whines of the bowels, the tribulations of the toes, the scratchiness of the softest of materials. Going without sleep, without food, without reasonable hydration, running with the trail ghosts, with Marv, the demons, the banshees. Climbing out of Manoa, Jack-ass, up the Hogsback, Mangos. Puking, farting, belching, stinking, peeing, and ‘feeling better now’ …. Doing ‘another’ loop, another section, another up, another 5 or 10, or night. It will be fun to be getting back in the groove again..wowon’t it?

  3. Looking for more information on this run, the cost, how many slots will be available?

  4. Thomas, you’re in the right place, click on HURT 100 Mile race site/Book of HURT 2013.

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