Around Oahu for George

Here we Go!   Today at Aloha Tower at 4:00PM —Sunday Aloha Tower at 4:00PM approx. 

Please post this announcement to your Facebook page.  Please give some thought to making a pledge.   Come out and run a bit of it if you can!  

Thank you all who have offered to help out, and to the runners who will be attempting all or a part of this run.  

See you out there!   Aloha.


HURT Run For George

We will be upping the mileage a bit and making this the next leg in the George-apalooza-thon!

Next Friday, June 29th, I will begin a run Around Oahu.  Come and join me if you can.  As I've done on each attempt over the past years I've raised money for a charity.   This year rather than look far from home I will be raising money to help George with his mounting medical bills.   


Oahu Perimeter

For a complete description of the Route and the concept please see last year's description

I will donate ONE dollar for every mile I run with the intent of donating at least the full 140 Miles.  In addition I will match this amount (Up to $500) for anyone who can stay with me and do as many miles or more than I do in approximately the same time. (i.e. this is an ultra event, limited rests, continuous effort affair)  

I am also seeking support pledges in whatever amount you feel may you can afford.  (@ $1-140 ; @ 0.50-70; @ 0.25-35)  Or whatever you can afford.  We did this last month, I realize,  but the bills don't stop coming in for a long long time.  

Donations can be mailed to

George Ramos

C/O Villiger Construction
59-036 Kahauola Street
Haleiwa, HI  96712

 If you are interested in joining me please contact me at manoahouse at hotmail dot com.

We are seeking run support:

Support Runners along the way are always appreciated!

We need a volunteer(s) preferably male, to show up at Yokahama Bay around Sunday Morning @2:00AM and stay with us till Nanakuli.  Its the most difficult point as there are no stores or water sources, and when we get into the commercial areas it  will be very early.    

We would also appreciate some aid across Ewa.  

Show up with your GEORGE SHIRT!!

Runners depart Aloha Tower at 4:00PM Friday Afternoon, June 29th!




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  1. i missed the last one.. maybe i’ll try do this.. unless i could be more useful driving with an ice chest full of ice cold drinks..

  2. Wili, if you can think about running it than that’s what you ought to do. Email me and we can talk about the logistics. Aloha!

  3. Mikey, I’ll take you around the Point again. It would be nice to have a group since this is probably the hardest part of the trek.

  4. Mike: I’m going to see if my wife can take Saturday off from work so I can do the whole event with you. If not (and it will probably be not) I’ll be happy to bring support items Sunday morning to Yokohama Bay and follow in my truck until you hit Makaha.

  5. i may have to pass.. too much happening this weekend..:(
    wish i could have more time to clear out the weekend for this run.

  6. Sorry you can not make it Wili. Come run with us in Ewa and along the Bike Path if you can. Aloha, Mike

  7. Just spoke with Gordon. They are making great time and Mike seems to be doing very well. I’ll be leaving soon, parking my truck near Yokohama Bay, then running around Kaena Point to meet them and head back to my truck (which will hopefully still be there)! GO MIKE!

  8. For those following here and not Facebook Mike successfully finished the run this afternoon and got a ride back home from Gordon.

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