Weekend Training: March 24-25, 2012 Peacock and some thoughts on weekend training posts

Aloha Athletes,

I was discussing through e-mail with Cheryl the relevancy of posting weekly training runs. The size and populariity of these weekly runs varies considerably as do the locations. Sometimes there might only be two people who show up and sometimes there are 20+. In the past, we did a lot more variety of trails and adventures versus these days seemingly running a much smaller number of trails on a frequent basis. 

It also seems like a lot of people–the experienced runners, communicate with a smaller group of running buddies and plan their own weekend training. Sometimes training involves mountain biking, swimming or some other activity as we all have varied interests. When this site first started there was a relatively small group of us who were primarily runners and we met consistantly and trained together. 

We set this site up to help distribute information and make it open for more people to join us. Trail running as an activity has grown tremendously and the HURT Trail Series races have grown and attracted a lot of new trail runners. The HURT 100 has also been impacted by the sheer number of local applicants from the early years. This is all good. 

The site has been set up so that anyone can post (see lower left side of site) as a guest. We also have the Comments area under each post where others can post their activities as options. 

So, what are your thoughts?

Sometimes we get e-mail from mainland visitors asking if they can join in. Other times we get emails from "newbies" wanting to know if they can join in. HURT has always been an open and supportive group. People are always willing to share knowledge and help. 

The popularity of Facebook and other social media have also allowed people to post their adventures and so I am just kinda thinking outloud here. 

Cheryl did say that she will be going to Peacock this week and starting at 6:30 from behind the Control Tower at Dillingham Airfield.

Please post your thoughts in the comments below and if you would like some company on whatever you are doing this weekend, post it below as well. 



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  1. I think the relevance of the posts is related to the time of year. The majority of the time I fall into the “train with a group of buddies” category, so I don’t pay much attention to the weekly training posts. However, as the season winds on and the races get longer (Peacock, HURT 100), I tend to look at the posts a lot more because training for longer distance become more of a time commitment and it’s hard to coordinate schedules with people. If I see someone making a blog post about running night loops, or starting at 0400 at Long Road–well, that’s information I like to know. Company out on the trails is nice to have. And much safer.
    I don’t mind if we have a “weekly training” or just a bunch of posts by different people indicating what their training plans might be. However, as you pointed out, I don’t think a lot of people really know how to post to the blog. It seems people know how to comment though, so perhaps leaving things as they are would be best.

  2. Bob, I tend to agree with Sean. What we have now does not seem to be functioning well, but I don’t see a better alternative. I think its important that everyone realize that this is a community forum and not intended as the voice of just a few people.
    I fully understand that after a few years of posting Saturday training its hard to come up with ideas, and hard to get enthusiastic. We all appreciate your dedication, even if we don’t always show up at the appointed time and place.
    What we had as a group five or ten years back has morphed as people have come and gone, and runner’s interests and responsibilities have changed. We had more runners ready to share their ‘newest’ trail discoveries or endurance activities. Now-a-days it seems to be you, Cheryl, and myself who more often than not make the post.
    When the post goes up, EVERYONE is encouraged to comment with alternative plans. If they want to lead a particular run I suggest they post that on an early day of the week or contact you, or me, or someone else who can make the post. The point being that if someone has done a particular new run/hike and found it appropriate for the HURT crowd its likely that a good number of other runners would want to try it out as well. Organizing a training run is really a matter of setting a start time, providing directions and run generalities, scoping out the parking, trail access, sometimes posting ribbons, and keeping an eye on who went out and came back. A lot of this we have ingrained in our our HURT memories and just do as a matter of course.
    Again, if you are not doing the weekly posted training run, but are going out during the week-end or during the week, and do not mind the company of other runners please post it. You may meet a new running buddy or a newbie, or a mainlander, or visitor from some farther place. It may prove an interesting day, may help somebody else learn and stay safe, and it keeps HURT’s aloha fresh and growing.
    aloha, Mikem

  3. I know LOTS of us are doing the warrior dash this Sat. It shouldn’t be too bad getting in to Peacock, but it might be crazy getting out afterwards.
    I also know that I LOVE and look forward to the weekly posts of where the group is running. Running with HURT is the only reason I’ve gotten to know the trails over the past year and couldn’t have done it without the weekly runs. I always look forward to Saturdays. I’d also be happy to help lead some of the Saturday runs to give Cheryl a break once in a while πŸ™‚

  4. I concur with all that has been said by Sean, Mike and Rosie. I, too, like the way that the blog is set up, as opposed to say, Facebook, which I think is a bit too public for our awesome little tight knit grass roots group (or should I say muddy roots?). I really enjoy seeing what others have planned for the weekend, even if I won’t be joining them. In fact, sometimes that’s the best part…knowing that on a friday night, as I’m falling asleep in my cozy warm bed, there’s a few crazy fools that are just starting their double loop, and it’s pouring rain! My thoughts are that the core HURT group (you know who you are) really enjoys and appreciates the weekly posts of training runs.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s Warrior Dash. The HURT crew is going to dominate!!! Parking and traffic may be crazy, so a number of us are going to park in Haleiwa and bike down.
    –Steve V.

  5. Thanks folks for the feedback,,,that’s what we need to know…
    After thinking about the traffic going up to Dillingham on Sat..I have decided I will not be heading up there. Going early enough is ok, but probably will never get out of there..not sure what I’m doing,,maybe Ditch trail in Waimanalo or maybe Aiea loop…post if anyone has something in mind…

  6. I dont get many chances of running with the HURT runners. Actually, the last time I ran was sometime last year. Am not the best when it comes to getting up early in the morning, but I do enjoy reading whats going on.Just knowing that am not the only crazy runner going around Kaena point and similar runs, makes me feel normal. I like to see runners accomplishments and plan runs even if I cannot attend them.Please keep up the great postings. Even if only two people show up for a training run, a bunch of us are imagining how great of a time the runners must be having.
    Is anybody planning of doing the North Shore marathon on April 15 at 5am start? I will be running from Ala Moana area and taking the short cut to Haleiwa running through Kam Highway.I believe its only 35 miles to Haleiwa if you run through Kam Hwy.I plan of taking my time getting there cause my goal is to run sub 4 for the marathon.My friend will run it but I will meet him there. He can probably fit about 3 extra people in his car and drop us at my place, or the bus is also available. What the heck,we can run back πŸ™‚ If anybody wants to join me, that would be great. Traffic should be light running to Haleiwa on a Sunday morning. I plan of leaving around 10 or 11pm. My time is flexible since I want to take it easy and maybe get breakfast somewhere before the race. If anybody is interested, I would love the company. Just put a comment and let me know. Again, my time is flexible. We can leave earlier or later.I will put the same posting when the time gets closer to the marathon.

  7. Now, this is fun. You sparked something Bob. Retired ultra runners that John and I are, reading the posts brings back a lot of memories of all the nutty things we used to do. We had some great adventures with our original group, and are happy to see the current generations of HURT perpetuating the craziness.

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