Post Thanksgiving Runs

For Saturday the post time is 6:00 AM  and the distance is a HURT Loop.  The Departure point is the top of Manoa Road, as parking is easier and usually safer there.   

Check out the HURT turkeytrot  loop in the previous post.  

If you are going out at another time, please post it here as a comment.  I'm sure plenty of runners are ready to go but will be lacking the incentive after the family actions of the Thursday and Friday. A little company on the trails is always a great way to go farther. 

Please Post your Friday Runs, Saturday alternatives, and Sunday starts.  It's a heavy weekend and some people need a bit of help doing the do.  Post your out times and maybe you'll find a new running buddy. Everyone needs all the help they can get right about now.  

(The stashes have been rewatered, but don't know how long that will last!  Run heavy, run prepared. ) 


Aloha.   Mikem