Tahoe Rim Report from Paul Hopwood

Paul sent in this brief update of his recent run.

Managed to overcome all obsticles once again to complete yet another event. My 10th 100 miler ! It sure was brutal!!!  A true mountain run for sure, heat, cold. snow, ice, 20k ft of climb, 20k descent all at altitude.

I finally finished after being off course a few times briefly,bloody legs, sprained ankle, lost my light, was pukeing at one stage maybe mile 60ish, amongst other things, no excuses here though, I took the cards and played my best hand, holding none, most things went right, this is kind of normal for these type of events. Currently enjoying some rest,with my friends and host familly the Wimberlie's in northern Cal, who are taking care of me in an exceptional way just as the Flanagan's, currently in France, and the Moore familly in NSW, Australia.    : ) . A little paddling in a kayak and the lake beach being the measure for today.    

Life has it's challenges, these I chose myself, most people don't get to choose. Respect for everyone who in daily life rises above what they think they are capable of.   Make each day count !  

Alohas, Paul

P.S. Thanks for sending this in Paul.

I had to look up his results. 4th place overall, 21:49 BadAss!!

Aloha, Bob