Saturday Training 7-23-11: Maunawili Out & Back Practice

Aloha Athletes,

Lots of opportunities for running these days with a group. I can remember when we would round up 3-4 people or maybe half a dozen for the Saturday training run. You have Saturday choices, Sunday choices and probably pretty soon, night or evening choices as people start getting into HURT training. 

I was upset to hear about a truck getting broke into last week. Please don't leave anything of value in your truck. These same crack-heads are busting into vehicles from Kailua to Sandy Beach. 

This Saturday, we are heading back up to the Pali Lookout and running the Maunawili trail in preparation for that little run with the pigs coming up in August.

Meeting time is 5:45 a.m. Again, there will be water at the Waimanalo end but you need to carry at least 40 ounces with you. That is a race requirement this year as every year runners get dehydrated during this race. If you are new to running trails here, using a good electrolyte is important as well. Talk to some of the more experienced HURT runners and they will share their knowledge with you about what works. 

No excuses, get out there and run. 

Aloha, Bob