2011 Top of Tantalus Results

Aloha Athletes,

I heard great things about today's race. First, I want to thank everyone for their cooperation in our parking situation. It sounds like that all worked out great. Mahalo!

Secondly, I should also thank all of you runners who came out and participated. From what I hear, we had a lot of new trail runners. By new I mean, first time running a HURT Trail Series race. That is awesome!

Of course thank you also to Race Director's Kat and Rob and everyone else who helped put on and organize the race-from those who marked the course to those who contributed by bringing something to share for after the race. 

There are probably others I am missing–you know who you are.

Click here to see today's results. 

I will apologize in advance if we spelled your name wrong, mis-recorded your time or even put you in the wrong gender. There will be no changes. You know your name, you know your time and where you placed (your running buddies know too) and you know…the rest.

OK, sorry. We do the best we can.

Get out there and run.

Aloha, Bob