Oahu Perimeter Run April 15-17

The Unofficial Oahu Perimeter Run takes place this week-end.  Everyone is invited to come out and run all or a portion of the course.  Teams are welcome, individuals are welcome.   

Solos:  Aloha Tower Start 6:00PM Friday April 15th.

Teams/Fast People    Aloha Tower Start 6:00AM Saturday morning April 16th.  


Here is a map of the basic course:  




Donation Page at:


In recognition of the increasing number of active, reserve, and retired military personnel who run with HURT we are gong to be raising funds for the Wounded Warriors Project as a part of this adventure. I started it out with a donation of a dollar a projected mile.  We urge anyone who would like to support us to visit a web page set up to track and accept dontations to the WWP.  If you wish to contribute we urge you to donate on line.  We may reluctantly accept checks and cash during the run.  Please remember we are not particularly set up to carry or protect donations.  

Some Cautions:

1.  Wear plenty of reflective gear.  Wear more than you feel is necessary.  You are basically invisible to to traffic so anything you can do will help you.  Please use night lights, strobes, and blinkers.

2.  Please do not attempt to do the Kaena Point alone.  Please be aware of womens or mixed teams and coordinate the Kaena Point and Waianae sections.  Night time at Yokahama is a bit lawless.  Night time in Waianae is difficult as water is not that easy to come by and beaches are a bit strange. 

3.  Please use the rail road tracks from Nanakuli to Kapolei and then turn east.  Do not use the highway  as it becomes a freeway with limited pedistrian safety.  Women's teams should be escorted here as well.

4.  This is a self-support event.  There is likely to be people out there to help you but do not plan on it.  Bring a camel, bring money.  Be prepared for long periods of self support.  

5.  We are all alone out there.  Observe the HURT rules of concern and courtesy for other participants.

6.  contact me at mmuench01  at gmail.   or three-seven-two  26threezero.