Somewhere completely different

If anyone is interested in running somewhere new…and awesome…come join us on the North Shore this Saturday.  There is an area that we have been developing trails above the surf breaks of the North Shore.  It's mostly in the shade, and there are some awesome views.  It's almost entirely single track with a couple of very short sections of jeep road.  Andy G. and I will be running up there this coming Saturday (2/12).  We'll meet at the Sunset Beach Elementary School parking lot at 7 AM.  That's directly across the street from Ehukai Beach Park (Pipeline).  We'll go for a nice leisurely 2 hours or so…remember we're still in recovery mode, right?  And if you're really feeling energetic, bring your mountain bike too and we can go for a ride right after.  If you have any questions post a comment or email me at svilliger at aol dot com.

–Steve V.