Shopping Deals: Timex Global Trainer GPS for $119 Thru Amazon

Aloha Athletes,

I just learned of this great deal and wanted to pass it on. I go back and forth between using technology like this and not using it. I also realize there are lots of competitive products and review sites out there. 

I learned of this most recent deal from DC Rainmaker and a Twitter post he made. His site is chocked full of reviews on products like this and other athlete related items. Much of what he reviews is focused on triathletes but we can all learn from this. 

If you want to read his in-depth review of the Timex Global Trainer, click here. I learned from him that the Timex has the same chip set in it that the popular Garmin GPS units have. 

Please take a look at DC's site as he has reviews of other products as well and again, they are almost always extremely in-depth and well done. 

In any case, click here for the Amazon link. There is a $50 saving at check-out that gets the price down to the $119.

Thank you DC Rainmaker for this update. 

Happy Shopping!

Aloha, Bob