Saturday “Last Ditch” HURT Training 12-18-10

Aloha Athletes !

Well boys and girls there's something like 4 weeks from this Saturday until the running of the 11th annual HURT 100 Mile Trail Endurance Run, so THIS WEEKEND should be about your last shot at a long training run. Some people say "aw, a couple of HURT loops should do it", but I say more. Granted, unless you are single, or have a very supportive spouse, the Holidays can be a challenging time to get out for a tough, 50 mile training run, but in my opinion, now's the time for it, and that's what you really need ! So, the plan is to meet at the Nature Center at 6:00 am, which just happens to be the exact starting time for the race, and go do as much as you can. Suggestion: Try to emulate your pace for the race and just go for as long as you have time for (or energy for) and see where it takes you….a minimum of 40…but 50 would be better. Also, start with the lighting and food/drink that you plan to use for the race. Get serious ! If you are smart, this will be your last weekend to go long, so take full advantage of it !. So, go out and have fun.  Don