Saturday Training October 9, 2010: Peacock Flats (UPDATED: Nick who???)

Aloha Athletes,

Well with just a couple of weeks to go before the Peacock 54 on October 23, we are again planning another training day up at Peacock. Don't forget, there is a relay option for this race. Get a partner and run 27 miles each. 

Since water is an issue (there is none up there right now), I just want to make sure everyone knows that Gordon is heading up the road from the Waianae side at daybreak on Saturday to deliver water to our stash site. 

So, depending on when you are starting there may or may not be water up there. If you are starting at 4:00 a.m. from the base of long road, you may pass through there before Gordon gets up there. However, if you are starting behind the control tower and heading up Kealia say around 6:45 a.m. or so, and you are running the normal loop, Gordon will have dropped water before you get there. 

Again, click here for the link to route (maps/splits) info if for some reason it is still not clear to you.

Finally, a shout out to all those heading to or already in Kona for the big Ironman dance this weekend. H.U.R.T. runners Steve Dewald and Laura Kloepper will be participating as well as Wendy Minor and a couple thousand other top triathletes in the world. May they have cool temps and a nice breeze at their backs. 


After several comments and e-mails, apparently I forgot to mention and people have not forgotten about our international traveller and world renown astronomer Nick Kaiser. Nick, who spends half his time galavanting around Europe and the other half gazing up into the skies in search of rogue astroids, ever the defender of our planet, is also going to be in Kona doing this little triathlon called Ironman. Nick, who only a few years ago did his first triathlon should have an easy time this year as always. Best of luck mate and save some up for your trip to Nepal!

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob