Warning! No Water at Peacock Flats

I was told there's no water up at Peacock, so I tried to drop water this morning, but didn't have a hiking permit.  I thought I'd be able to get there with a military ID, but the gate guard said no.
You can only get a permit once every month, and since I have a permit for the race, I cannot get another one until a month after.  I think Gordon might be heading up there next weekend, but until then, don't expect any water on the trail.
If you want to be a good samaritan and head up there to clean up and drop water, you must go here, fill out the application, fax, and wait for the permit to show up in the mail.  To get to the 3-way, you have to drive up past Waianae and Makaha until you see the military gate on your right (almost at the end of Farrington Highway).  Show the guard the permit, go up the hill, and turn right at the stop sign.  You'll veer left and below some buildings and then turn right when you see the white trailer.  Once you turn right, you are now on the course (the only part of the course that is pavement besides long road).  Go down that hill and turn right.  This is where I had an aid station the first year we ran the race.  You are now going backwards on the course.  Just follow the road up to the 3-way.  If you have any questions you can contact me–my info is on the HURT Trail Series link.