Passing of a HURT Family Member

Goodbye party  While Marian and Sarah were running Headlands, a few of us got together for a final "goodbye" to Gerry Brotherton, who passed away last November. He was the oldest living member of HURT (89). Gerry was one of the first ultrarunners in Hawaii, with an obsession for the more adventurous runs like "Telluride Get High", Pike's Peak, or just a day in the Haleakala crater. Although kind of a loner, Gerry loved the HURT family and was proud of his HURT-shirt. We scattered his ashes, and tossed plumeria flowers around a stump in Puu Ualakaa park, marking his monument. See if you can find it! The decorated cane may still be there.


Gerry's stump at Ualakaa park