And another one!

I'd like to add another "mahalo nui" to a party that has not been mentioned yet, but surely has not been forgotten by anyone who has been out on the course recently, and that's our friends from the DLNR. 

Fred, Aaron, and the team did a stunning job this year clearing the trails and removing fallen trees. (To those who were out training two weeks ago: remember that s.o.b. on Nahuina that about 75 of us would have just stared at for 5 minutes on the 4th loop, pondering whether we should attempt to crawl under or climb over? All gone.) 

So: thanks guys – we owe you big time and we know it!

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  1. I was fortunate enough to meet up with Fred up at the Bench at the grassy knoll on the Wednesday before HURT. Rex, Murph, and I all took time to tell him what an extra ordinary job he and his crews had done on the HURT trails. He was working hard that day, as were the guys and was telling us the work he planned to do the last few days before HURT. Given the cut-backs, the number of downed trees, and the high growth he accomplished a remarkable job.
    We all thanked him, and told him the trails looked better than they have ever looked before. We may have had dry and clear weather on race day, but the trail quality was a DLNR gift to us.
    You see those guys out there be sure the thank them. They work hard, under pretty extraordinary circumstances, and words of praise go far.
    For those at DLNR who read the blog a very big Mahalo for treating us so well, and helping to make this one of the most successful HURT 100’s we have had!

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