A Quick Note about Kelli (i.e. Kelli’s Krew Pink Shirts)

My friends,

Many of you know about Kelli and her fight against cancer.  She recently completed a very aggressive chemotherapy regime that left her very sick for several weeks.  Last week Tuesday, just before HURT, she had surgery.  Kelli promised me that she would see me run HURT.  Given the pain that she still has from her surgery and the residual effects of chemo, I didn't think she would make it out there.  In fact, I would have preferred that she stay home and rest. 

But she did, along with Dorothy, Branson and my three other children.  As you may imagine, having everyone there was a great motivator.  And, what was really inspiring was seeing Kelli who came even though she was still recovering from surgery and chemo.  My discomfort was nothing compared to what she went thru for several months.  I did not want to leave that aid station (sorry Jim for taking so long!).  But, I did and eventually ended up at the finish line where Dorothy and the boys were waiting for me (thanks to that great online runner tracker, they only waited about 10 minutes each time).

Today, I just got the results from Kelli’s doctor and the news is stupendously wonderful.  All the tests and biopsy results came back negative for cancer.  No more chemo, no more surgery (she already had two).  Its back to school for her!

That’s a huge load off my mind.  And, now I hope it’s off of yours.  I know many, many of you were worried about her.   Some of you are old friends, some of you I just met at HURT.  You all gave me and Kelli your support and encouragement and wore those very special pink shirts that Cheryl and Don made.   We thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts. 

Aloha, Larry and Kelli