A Big Mahalo !

Aloha Everyone !

Wow ! The 10th Anniversary of the HURT 100 is history. Where did the time go? Jeff and John put on a super post-race program last night that provided lots of laughs and really gave our Canadian friends some well-deserved roasting. I'd like to personally thank some special people from behind the scenes who really did a fantastic job…two are Cheryl Loomis and Joel Jenkins. The race would not have been N-E-A-R what it is without them. Others who I'd like to thank, who really helped me out (and I hope I don't leave someone out) are the trail marking/ribbon removal team of:  Benita, Leon, Vernon, Joe and Bob, Jan, Mauricio, Julie, Anne from Alaska…and  Cindy the Goh girl and Tyler. A BIG MAHALO ! You guys are great !

Last but not least, I want to thank my buddy Rex Vlcek for giving 100% and giving me one of my most memorable times at the HURT 100. Thanks Rex !  Thank you all !!  Don