Saturday Training “Mike’s 60th B-Day Run”

Aloha Athletes !

HURT Tradition has it that when your birthday comes up, you run your "age". For example, when you turn 26 you run the marathon distance, 26 miles. Sounds easy, huh? So what happens when you turn 60? Yep, same thing…you run your age. 60 miles. Well friends, a few months ago Mike Muench confided in me about his plans for his 60th birthday run. As I intently listened, I never mentioned anywhere in our conversation the word "stupid", although I have to admit that later my lip was sore from biting it. The reason? Mike is planning on doing a mega-birthday-run, starting at 10 pm on Thursday November 5, 2009 and finishing on Sunday November 8 at 10 am…a 60 HOUR birthday run !…no not 60 miles…no, no…60 hours ! And to make it even tougher, we're talikng "HURT loops" for 60 HOURS !! Yikes ! Why didn't I tell him what a stupid idea this is??? Too late now.

So…if you want to get in some great HURT 100 training…day or night…come out and support Mike anytime from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. Mike is doing this as a fund-raiser for St. Francis Hospice and is asking for a $25 donation (check only, to: St.Francis Hospice, no cash) but says that ANY donation is greatly appreciated, and a t-shirt and post-run party are included.

Mike plans to do sub-8 hour loops and there will be an effort made to post loop times on the HURT blog, so check there to get an idea of where Mad Mike will be, or just do the course in reverse until you find him asleep, leaning against a tree. Just kidding !

This week is Thursday-Sunday Training…what a novel idea !  Don