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Birthday Run starts from Paradice at 10:00 PM on Thursday

Well as Don would say, “Guys and Gals, Mikey has talked himself into some stupid stuff, but this ices the cake, the birthday cake that is."  


The Rambling:


I have ordered the shirts, bought all the stash goodies, have the prizes, and have enough crap in my car to do a half dozen Vol State Ultras.  The only thing I’m lacking is company.  Your company.  Sure, I’m asking that you make out a $25 dollar check to St Francis Hospice (or whatever you can afford…or to some other charity if that rings your bell.)  but other than that I’m trying to create a no excuses week end when everyone, running the HURT or not, can get out on the trails and do some good training.  


I’ll be stocking the stashes with some good stuff and over the course of the long week end we will see a few surprises I’m sure. Prizes will be given the runners covering the longest distances. Speed and Times are pretty much immaterial, this is a distance thing over the 60 hours of the run.   I don’t expect you to run with me, though I certainly will enjoy your company.  If you want to do a faster pace I understand.  Go do it!  Run, jog, walk, it doesn’t matter, just come out and get on the HURT loop and train.  I say this because I know that there is no substitute for adequate training. Let me say that again.  THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE TRAINING.  This is your chance.  


If you don’t like going out  alone at night, or you don’t like doing the back of Manoa on your own, or you can never find people who do your pace, or Saturday Morning just isn’t your time to train, or there is a black hole at the bottom of your trail shoes, its OK.  There will people on the tails for a long time.  If you want company you can show up at the scheduled times and do a loop, or more, or less. It is up to you. 


The HURT 100 counter is down to 70 something days, or 10 weeks to the sound of the shell horn marking the start of HURT 2010.  That means eight weeks on the trails if you are lucky.  Three holidays, wet weather, personal down time, family needs,  and you can add your own private list, not to mention that silly recovery time some of you insist on before races.   So this week is not only the second week of HURT training it basically is the moment when you must commit to the 100 or not, particularly if you have not been out there at Peacock.  There is no more time because there is no substitute for adequate training.


The Donation:


There will be a Contribution Jar at my car,  Please make your Check payable to St. Francis Hospice, and enter Hospice Runner Donation on the explanation line. 

You can also mail me your donation at M. Muench, twenty-5 fifteen Manoa Rd, nine68twotwo,


Or you can go on line and make a donation at.



Choose St Francis Community Health Care Services  as the Designation and enter

Hospice Runner in the Tribute field. (They can track it that way)


In all these cases I would appreciate it if you emailed me a confirmation with your shirt size so I can set aside a shirt for you.   Also an email telling me (mmuenchzerooneatgmail.com) the distance you covered during the run would be appreciate so I can create a list and prepare the prizes.


Finally, the following week, November 14th after Saturday morning training, I will be having a get together at my home for everyone who runs and or donates.  I imagine it will be from about 12:00 to 6:00, which allows some of my hospice friends to come if they are working the day shift. I will provide greater detail next week concerning the party.


The Mechanics:


Paradice Park at the top of Manoa Valley  will be the main base.  It is safer with better parking. (It is residential so please watch the noise.) I will start and finish each loop at Paradice Park, coming down the road to my car as necessary.


There will be stashes at  Paradice, along the road to the gate, up in the bushes where I had the table on my 58th birthday run . It will be marked with ribbons.


There will be a stash a Jack-ass, likely before the stream crossing.  Again it will be marked with ribbons. 


There will be a stash at Nature Center.  Likely behind the Toilets, or up behind the big tree and rocks before the bridge where we usually stash stuff.  Again it will be marked with ribbons.


I will start at 10:00 PM Thursday from Paradice.  I hope to do eight hour turns.  That means  a restart at 6:00 AM  and at 2:PM.   I hope to have somebody posting my actual status and estimated turn times.  


So there it is.   I’m already tired…..Where is that Mike Muench guy who bikes? This must be his birthday…..